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US-6370104-B1: DVD reading-writing pick-up head employing multiple wavelengths patent, US-6649933-B2: Method of manufacturing thin film transistor liquid crystal display patent, US-3866026-A: Enthalpy calculating device for steam patent, US-3948751-A: Valve metal electrode with valve metal oxide semi-conductive face patent, US-3997521-A: Bis-(dialkoxycarbonylphenylazo)acetoacetamidoarylenes patent, US-4030138-A: Record protection system patent, US-4206252-A: Deposition method for coating glass and the like patent, US-4216430-A: Noise eliminating circuit with automatic gain control patent, US-4284904-A: Encapsulated magnetically sensitive circuit elements for depth-indicating purposes or the like patent, US-4608106-A: Procedure for manufacturing elongated glued beams patent, US-5028225-A: Apparatus for molding articles to a web patent, US-5073548-A: 11 β-substituted progesterone analogs patent, US-5077258-A: Vapor deposited metal catalytic film, process for making the same and liquid container with the film patent, US-5122332-A: Protecting organisms and the environment from harmful radiation by controlling such radiation and safely disposing of its energy patent, US-5542439-A: Brush for applying a cosmetic product patent, US-5861450-A: Organic polymers modified with thermoplastic silicone blends patent, US-5976359-A: Methods for reducing the concentration of amines in process and hydrocarbon fluids patent, US-6037498-A: Chiral syntheses patent, US-3939087-A: Toner compositions containing silane treated fumed silica patent, US-4943577-A: Piperazinylalkylpiperazinedione compounds patent, US-5114657-A: Integrally molded cross-flow fan and method of making the same by radially withdrawing gap-forming molds patent, US-5247261-A: Method and apparatus for electromagnetic non-contact position measurement with respect to one or more axes patent, US-6482484-B1: Poly(1,3 propanediol terephthalate) for use in making packaging materials patent, US-3833312-A: A method for machining valve body castings patent, US-3929741-A: Hydrophilic acrylamido polymers patent, US-3991899-A: Cylindrical pressure chamber for nuclear reactor or the like patent, US-4158710-A: Method of preparation of the surfaces of products made of iron alloys, preceding the process of hot-dip aluminizing patent, US-4172391-A: Drill drive mechanism patent, US-4287986-A: Earring display case patent, US-4529998-A: Amplified gate thyristor with non-latching amplified control transistors across base layers patent, US-4594703-A: Clock-signal reproducing circuit including voltage controlled oscillator patent, US-4859654-A: Homocyclostatine and cyclostatine containing polypeptides as antihypertensive agents patent, US-5244720-A: Fiber-reinforced glass composite for protecting polymeric substrates patent, US-6243865-B1: Method of relaying digital video & audio data via a communication media patent, US-4139761-A: Household coffee machine with calcification indicator patent, US-4145981-A: Vibrating seed planter delivery chute for singular seed dispensing patent, US-4571430-A: Homocysteine and homocysteinamide derivatives patent, US-4664394-A: Dust guard cap for a hand-held drilling device patent, US-5342699-A: Steel substrate for reinforcement of elastomers patent, US-5547505-A: Compositions for low heat cements patent, US-5730507-A: Cable extension for brake lock patent, US-6214128-B1: Method and apparatus for preventing silicon hole defect formation after wet cleaning patent, US-3765147-A: Compacting system patent, US-3879755-A: Tape feed control apparatus patent, US-4085001-A: Fiber reinforced cementitious substrate patent, US-4230616-A: Fire-protecting polyester resins patent, US-4472702-A: Wedging device and transformer including same patent, US-4591489-A: Process for the treatment of hydrochloric acid pickles containing iron and zinc patent, US-4668661-A: Sleep inducing agents patent, US-4675063-A: Process for manufacturing thermocolor ribbon patent, US-4949078-A: Fail-safe operation of a vehicle automatic transmission responsive to failure of engine water temperature sensor patent, US-5244575-A: Process for recovering organic solvents and contaminants from soap liquors patent, US-5256816-A: Enantiomeric resolution patent, US-5526990-A: Apparatus for separating wood fibers from other fibers in fibremat residues patent, US-5928923-A: Human short-chain dehydrogenase patent, US-5939056-A: Underarm composition patent, US-6201302-B1: Semiconductor package having multi-dies patent, US-6516049-B1: Method and apparatus for insertion loss estimation in wireline communications patent, US-3781758-A: Gang connector and patching cable assembly and method of using same patent, US-4107154-A: Anionic copolymerization of 2-pyrrolidone with C7 -C12 lactam patent, US-4214286-A: Flexible disk pack and improved transducing-manipulation thereof patent, US-4387115-A: Composition for conductive cured product patent, US-4710275-A: Separation of isopropanol from t-butanol by extractive distillation patent, US-4976510-A: Communication outlet patent, US-5044520-A: Coin operated cosmetic dispensing machine patent, US-5186785-A: Zone melted recrystallized silicon on diamond patent, US-5192163-A: Correction method for contaminated sites patent, US-5199246-A: Electrostatic method and apparatus for opening liners within containers patent, US-5276204-A: Fatty alcohol mixtures and ethoxylates thereof showing improved low-temperature behavior patent, US-5312718-A: Method of manufacturing dies for pressing optical disks patent, US-5443266-A: Golf swing plane training aid patent, US-5573897-A: Method of applying a transparent magnetic layer to a web or sheet material patent, US-5743066-A: Longitudinal sealer for bag maker-packaging machine patent, US-5802361-A: Method and system for searching graphic images and videos patent, US-5861697-A: Single-phase induction motor and rotor assembling apparatus patent, US-5876461-A: Method for removing contaminants from textiles patent, US-6300137-B1: Method for synthesizing a specific, surface-bound polymer uniformly over an element of a molecular array patent, US-6319834-B1: Method and apparatus for improved planarity metallization by electroplating and CMP patent, US-6432100-B1: Apparatus and method for generation of a protective sleeve against infections for an artificial lead patent, US-6750476-B2: Substrate device manufacturing method and substrate device, electrooptical device manufacturing method and electrooptical device and electronic unit patent, US-4444640-A: Dimensionally stable asbestos-polytetrafluoroethylene diaphragms for chloralkali electrolytic cells patent, US-5062894-A: Poly (alkylene oxide)-modified diarylide pigment composition patent, US-5232669-A: Pipette tip with self-aligning and self-sealing features patent, US-5353211-A: Light modifier patent, US-5466988-A: High pressure discharge lamp having improved convection regulating means patent, US-5895503-A: Address translation method and mechanism using physical address information including during a segmentation process patent, US-5925919-A: CMOS Semiconductor structure and process for producing the same patent, US-6049851-A: Method and apparatus for checking cache coherency in a computer architecture patent, US-6441424-B1: Integrated circuit configuration having at least one capacitor and method for producing the same patent, US-4194003-A: New pyrrole derivatives, process for their preparation and therapeutic applications thereof patent, US-4634150-A: Conduit arrangement for interconnecting stationary conduit extensions patent, US-4929798-A: Pseudoadiabatic reactor for exothermal catalytic conversions patent, US-6249733-B1: Automatic engine retarder and transmission control in off highway earth moving equipment patent, US-3826227-A: Tinning machine patent, US-4931950-A: Multimedia interface and method for computer system patent, US-5012568-A: Method for installing and replacing parts in an injection molding machine patent, US-5122045-A: Mold for molding a package for a semiconductor device for detecting or emitting a magnetic line of force or light patent, US-5186878-A: Improvements relating to cooling plugs in thermoplastic pipe forming apparatus and process patent, US-5232911-A: Mixture of a non-covalent heterodimer complex and a basic amphiphatic peptide as cytotoxic agent patent, US-5388621-A: Pressurized transfer tank security system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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